Where to Stay!

(Last update:  July 2010)

"As a teacher here in Costa Rica, you WILL be taking a lot of buses. This site is a bit of help, but not much if you have no idea where you are!  http://costa-rica-guide.com/BusSchedule.html, so we will show you how to get around.  There are  excursion bus schedules for weekend get aways all around Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama.  I recommend this web site. http://www.visitcostarica.com/ict/paginas/LEYES/pdf/ItinerarioBuses_es.pdf
It shows you what street in San José to pick up the bus and how far in km. or hours to your destination."

"Another web site is by far one of the better San José City maps that I have come across."

Cost of Living:

"Some people find it is more expensive to live here than they expected. Please ensure that you have enough money with you to get through the first two or three months while you are getting settled into living and working here in San José (a modest budget of $400 - $500 USD per month will suffice). Though most living arrangements can be afforded on around 15 to 20 hours a week. This will not include your "exploring Costa Rica" money. This site shows you what prices are to live here.www.costarica.com/Home/Retirement/Cost_of_Living. Though I do not know where you can get a 3-bedroom house for $260.00 per month. The other prices are right."
Living arrangements:

1) Live with a Costa Rican family ($150 - $250 USD per month, ¢75,450.00 - ¢125,750.00 colons), 2 to 3 meals and laundry services, plus it helps you perfect your Spanish.

2) Rent a room in a shared house with other foreigners (about $250 USD per month. ¢125,750.00 colons).

3) Rent a furnished one bedroom apartment (they start at  $325 USD per month, ¢163,475.00 colons).

4) "We recommend Cacts Hotelera Incorporada, S.A. Apartado Postal #379-1005, San José Costa Rica. 300 mts. Norte de la Pizza Hut Paseo Colón en San José, Calles 28-30 Avenida 3, #2845, San José. It's a very nice hotel near the center of San José. Costs $175.00 a week and includes breakfast, and laundry service. Nice place to start off, while you are looking for a place to stay. Phone numbers are (506) 221-2928 or (506) 221-6546. Fax numbers are (506) 222-9708 or (506) 221-8616, also you can get a hold of Ed Zamora at hcacts@racsa.co.cr along with their web site: www.hotelcacts.comMake sure you mention our name Whittemore de Costa Rica, S.A."
5) "Limited budget? Try this site. http://www.hostels.com/en/cr.sa.html very nice clean backpackers hostels. Only $7.00 USD per night.  I don't recommend this for my 30 year old teachers, unless you like to party late at night.  They tend to be loud until 11:00 p.m. or so."

6)  "A great place very close to downtown on Paseo Colón is called Hotel Petit Victoria.  Costs $35.00 a night and includes breakfast.  Their email is hotelpetitvictoria@yaho.com  Telefax:  (506) 221-6178/(506) 258-8640.  They have Internet services for ¢500.00 per hour ($1.00 USD), lots of books, and DVD's with a nice size colored TV (with cable) in the den area.  It's a quaint Victorian style house/hotel.  Calle 28, Avenida 2da, 100 mts. Sur de Pizza Hut, Paseo Colón."

7)  A teacher's recommendation: http://www.hotelaranjuez.com/ "This is my favorite place, and one that two of my close friends (both natural history guides, one a Tico and one Canadian) recommend. Very convenient location, includes a wonderful buffet (all you can eat!) breakfast with a dining room that is open to a garden (that you can eat in when it's not raining!). The décor is unusual and very attractive (includes small, hidden gardens) as the place was converted out of several heritage houses. They cost $28/night for a shared bath (very clean). They have free Internet access (3 computers)."